The Founder Showcase is a global seed-stage pitch event, and previous Founder Showcase companies have raised over $1.5 billion. Companies like Udemy, Relay Rides, Thumbtack, Kaggle, and more gave some of their first public pitches on our stage. See our Founder Showcase Hall of Fame here.


The next Founder Showcase is scheduled for February 10th, 2021. Anyone building a pre-seed technology company with less than $250,000 USD in funding is welcome to apply at  The application deadline for this event is January 17th, 2021.


Please note that the Founder Showcase allows for a maximum of two non-Founder Institute companies to pitch on each event. Founder Institute Alumni can submit their pitch via an expedited process at (you must be logged into your Alumni account to see this).


How does the Public Pitch Application Process Work?

To start your application, visit  and submit an application by the deadline on January 17th, 2021.

After some basic questions, you will be asked for a: 

  1. One Sentence Pitch: Please follow this format: “My Company, [company name], is developing [a defined offering] to help [a defined audience] [solve a problem] with [secret sauce]”.
    • Learn more and get tips on this format at People that follow this format correctly will be HEAVILY favored for selection on the event.
  2. 3.5 Minute Pitch Video: Your pitch video must have slides, be 3.5 minutes max, show your face, and be uploaded to a site like Youtube or Google Drive.
    • This video will not be shared outside of the Founder Institute team without your permission.
    • Do not worry about production value with your video, we are more interested in you and your company than the “style” of your video. 
    • Light editing is okay, but do not “over-edit”. In events like these, pitches that seem natural (one-take) are infinitely better than those with significant editing. 
Review & Feedback Process

Some of you may not be ready to participate in this event. Please understand that if we don’t think you’re ready, we are not going to put you in a position to fail. There will be future events where you can participate. 

  1. If it is clear you won’t be ready, we will let you know on Friday January 22nd. Please understand we will not be able to provide detailed feedback to everyone that applies.
  2. If you are ready (or close to ready), you will receive feedback to improve your pitch on Friday January 22nd. You will then have the opportunity to submit a second video pitch for final review by Sunday, January 31st.
  3. We will select the final companies to pitch on Monday, February 1st, and (if necessary) provide any final feedback for those selected to improve their pitch video for broadcast on the event. 
  4. Selected companies will have their pitches broadcast on the event, followed by live on-screen Q&A from the audience. 
Evaluation Criteria

Most of the companies that will pitch on the Founder Showcase will be Founder Institute Alumni. However, we do allow for a maximum of two non-Founder Institute companies to pitch on each event.

We judge all pitches based on (in no specific order):

  1. Pitch Quality (clear pitch, compelling narrative, etc)
  2. Presentation Quality (deck design, speaker delivery, etc)
  3. Business Growth Potential and Fundability
  4. Adherence to our rules, deadlines, and feedback

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