With the CrowdPitch Competition, anyone who attends the Founder Showcase has a chance to present on stage to hundreds of Silicon Valley investors, founders, and press.

To participate in the Crowdpitch Competition, simply purchase a ticket, and then submit your best one-sentence pitch on our Facebook contest page before 11:59pm on Monday, May 4th. Then, through online voting and a live pitch webinar hosted by Adeo Ressi (Founder & CEO of the Founder Institute), we will select the top pitch on Thursday, May 7th. That company will get to pitch their company for two minutes to a panel of experts onstage at the Founder Showcase!

Since we started the CrowdPitch Competition at the 13th Founder Showcase, all three winners have closed a significant funding round – including UpOut, who went on to raise $850,000, Knightscope, who went on to raise nearly $7 million, and Camperoo, who was admitted into Y Combinator.

What are you waiting for? Purchase a ticket to the 16th Founder Showcase before they sell out, and submit your one-sentence pitch today!

Creating an effective one-sentence pitch is easy with the Founder Institute’s “Madlibs for Pitching Format”. Simply fill in the blanks below:

My company, __(insert name of company)__, is developing __(a defined offering)__ to help __(a defined audience)__ __(solve a problem)__ with __(secret sauce)__.

Get your tickets today, and then submit your pitch!