Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote

Phil Libin is the CEO of Evernote, a web service designed to allow users to easily capture and store information, memories, and content in any environment. Prior to Evernote, Phil was a founder of two other successful tech startups: CoreStreet and Engine 5. He has been written about in publications as diverse as BusinessWeek, The New York Times, The Economist and Locksmith Ledger. Phil is also an investor and advisor in several startups, is the inventor of several issued and pending technology patents, and holds a top-secret security clearance from the Department of Defense.

Bubba Murarka, Business Development at FacebookMuraka_Bubba

Bubba Murarka is an active startup adviser, investor and event host. As a member of Facebook’s Business & Corporate Development team he works with numerous startups to help them acquire and engage customers via the Facebook Platform & Advertising Solutions. Previously, Bubba started Pocketwerks & Texame, served as an Entrepreneur in Residence with Bay Partners and ran several product development teams at Microsoft. He is the primary inventor on 13 patents and enjoys playing racquetball whenever possible.

Showcase Champion

eVenues aggregates, searches, and rents affordable, small-medium meeting /event space by the hour or day for corporate travelers, entrepreneurs, event planners, non-profits and consumers whom typically cannot find nor afford expensive space. In a $124 billion industry, 80 percent of all meetings have 50 participants or fewer – a growing segment of the overall meeting industry worth $10 billion a year. We have a vision validated and tied to Social Media. We have a network of agents in 30 major cities prospecting smaller venues. We offer tools for venues to easily control their listings in our marketplace.


SnapShop is an mobile augmented reality shopping app that will help you try before you buy. It allows you to browse catalogs with your smart phone, and take pictures of your living room with virtual products embedded in the photo. We are currently targeting the $77B furniture market, and look to expand in the future to other verticals. SnapShop has patent pending technology that allows us to create an augmented reality experience using 2D images of products so we can integrate large catalogs for our clients.


  • Amahi: Amahi makes software for next-generation routers/NAS devices for homes, home offices and Small Businesses. Amahi is on it’s way to building the “iTunes App Store for routers.” Humans can now run these devices without the need for IT personnel. $15B market, rapidly growing to $30B in 2014. There are an estimated 25+ million SMB/home networks today (about 50% of broadband installs). These are expected to grow faster than broadband networks. NAS based servers are the fastest growing segment. We have an award-winning store that makes it very simple to deploy a server.
  • Breakthrough: Breakthrough connects mental health providers with clients for treatment via video, phone, email, and chat. 57 million Americans have a mental illness but 60% don’t get treatment due to costs, access, and stigma. Online counseling offers a solutio In 2004, Americans spent $23 billion on psychotherapy, $25 billion on psychiatric drugs, and $120 billion spent on psychological care overall. Most online counseling sites have one of several problems: providers are unlicensed psychics or sex workers, their technology is insecure and hard-to-use, and they do not sell to institutions. We address all of these.
  • Cloud Canvas: CloudCanvas enables creative people to make art, design and other digital media right in the web browser. Easily edit photos, design logos, sketch diagrams, animations and more. We are focused on the 75 million online artists and digital media creators using PCs and portable devices for personal, entry-level and mid-tier applications. There’s no more installing desktop software that’s expensive, hard to use or tied to a single machine or device. CloudCanvas also makes the new generation of tablets the best connected digital sketch pads ever.
  • Heliograph: Faster websites mean more page views, lower bounce rates, happier customers… and, in the end, revenue. Heliograph helps companies improve website performance by offloading, optimizing and accelerating the majority of their content. Of the 234 million websites currently online, at least 300k are serious domestic e-commerce operations in the SMB sector. This makes the direct addressable market $500MM within the $30BN hosting market. (High-end acceleration represents $1.2BN). Heliograph has built proprietary software that is easy to use and exceptionally cost effective.
  • Memetales: Memetales is an online marketplace for children’s books, media and merchandise. Memetales lets self published authors and small and medium publishers publish their stories in multiple formats and create related custom merchandise. 35M moms and dads shop online in the US toy market that is over $28 B in size. US households with kids under 6 years of age spend an average of $500 on toys over a year. Memetales is a community based experience space around children’s books and media, while our competitors are simply e-commerce sites.
  • Monstrous: Monstrous is developing a next generation social game platform for the iPhone, Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Facebook. Social games and music games generate an estimated $5 billion in combined annual revenues, representing one of the fastest growing segments of the overall gaming market. Monstrous has developed patent-pending technology to integrate songs from any genre of music with interactive gaming environments. The company has launched its first product on iPhone and is developing functionality to sell songs and virtual goods through an in-game retail environment.
  • Puzzazz: Puzzazz is building the premier puzzle and game network specifically designed for the largest under-served segment in the fast-growing casual and mobile games markets. We provide the best content (smart games) in the best way (customized for you). More than 100 million people in the US enjoy puzzles and puzzle games on a regular basis, making this category alone an estimated $1B in 2010. Puzzazz’s unique technology delivers high-quality, individualized puzzles for a richer, more rewarding experience, ensuring that all players have fun, get challenged, and feel smart, whether they play individually, cooperatively, or competitively.
  • Sales Portal: Online real-time auction-based exchange for live phone leads. Enables call centers to monetize their phone traffic by pitching highest-bidding advertiser’s complementary and relevant product/service at the end of call and then live-transferring call. In 2009 (a down year), lead generation spending was $400 billion worldwide, $150 billion in the U.S. Of this, 25% (over $35 billion in the U.S.) was spent on PHONE lead generation. We have traction with some of the largest marketers and call centers. Founders are technologists AND veterans of the lead generation and call center industries. Advisors are thought leaders. Patents filed in 2006. First and only mover advantage.
  • TrueInsider: TrueInsider is a suggestion and review community that empowers rank and file employees to initiate positive change in the workplace. Management can also sign up for an official company account to respond to employee suggestions. Company accounts is our key revenue stream. Our market for company accounts is generally businesses with greater than 100 employees. In 2006, 70 million people worked at companies with greater than 100 employees. Our competition is comprised of anonymous review sites: sites where users can post anonymous reviews or salary information about their companies. In contrast with TrueInsider, these sites are not communities where employees interact with each other.
  • VSee: When a startup is not collocated, the team takes longer to bond and reach peak productivity. VSee is a desktop software that makes distributed teamwork simple via secure application sharing, videoconferencing, and file transfer. VSee aims at a segment of the $B collaboration market. Unlike meeting tools such as WebEx, GotoMeeting, VSee is designed for the kind of micro-collaboration for getting things done. Unlike Skype, VSee uses a managed peer-to-peer architecture to enable mass deployment and strong security. Over the last 6 months, VSee usage has been doubling every 3 months, with more than 5000 enterprises using VSee every day. Paying customers include IBM, CITI, Shell, Saudi Aramco, Navy SEALs, NASA, US Congress, and US Intelligence Agencies.
  • Zendorse: Zendorse builds a marketplace that enables media companies to socialize and sell content more efficiently across the web. US consumers spent $4.7 billion last year on digital music, video, and games. We drive traffic and sales by leveraging social data in activity streams and the Facebook Open Graph to target influential users, and reward users who recommend content their friends like. Koitunes is our social music marketplace currently in beta.