eVenues – www.evenues.com

The Founder Showcase should be a stop on any company’s fundraising trail. Not only did we meet some solid advisors from the attendees, but we secured a lead investor for our Seed Round. (DJ, CEO, eVenues, Inc.)

MightyMeeting – www.mightymeeting.com

Winning The Founder Showcase was the best thing that happened to MightyMeeting. The event started the chain reaction that led to the company’s seed round in just a few short weeks … Big thanks to TheFunded team. (Dmitri Tcherevik, Founder & CEO of MightyMeeting, Inc.)

Udemy – www.udemy.com

The Founder Showcase was an incredible experience. We came in with high expectations given the outstanding reputation of Adeo and TheFunded.com. We’re happy to say that the event exceeded those expectations. There was an incredible audience of angel investors, Founders and industry elite. Our booth had solid traffic throughout the night and, all in all, we were very pleased with our investment. Anybody who can get in would be a fool to pass up the experience! (Gagan Biyani, President & Co-Founder of Udemy)

RelayRides – www.relayrides.com

My name is Shelby Clark, and I’m currently a second year student at HBS. I founded a startup called RelayRides (www.relayrides.com), and we were among the groups who presented in October. I wanted to let you know that we actually met an angel at the event that eventually participated in our seed round! Just thought I’d pass along the good news and thank you for setting these events up as they are very helpful to entrepreneurs. (Shelby Clark, CEO & Founder of RelayRides)

Rentcycle:  www.rentcycle.com

As an entrepreneur in the Bay Area, the sheer number of networking events can be overwhelming at times.  Every hour spent away from developing the business slows progress, which forces entrepreneurs to be selective with how they spend their time.  Most seek quality startup events that deliver value on multiple levels.  To me, the Founder Showcase is one of these forums.  The event is professional, the crowd is diverse, the visibility is superb.  My company had a demo table at the last event which highlighted my startup and attracted a network of investors, reporters, qualified job seekers and fellow entrepreneurs.  I still benefit from the connections made that night and look forward to future events. (Tim Hyer, CEO & Founder of Rentcycle)

SnapItTo.me:  SnapitTo.Me

The Founder Showcase served as a terrific venue for SnapItTo.Me to not only demonstrate our product amongst a community of the most relevant evaluators but also served as an equally essential venue for us to meet essential business partners, whether that be other startups or venture investors. SnapItTo.Me was very well received and met a number of potential investors at the Founder Showcase, an event that gave us an enormous ROI. We definitely look forward to future Founder Showcase events and taking part in them. (Andrew Chen, CEO & Founder of SnapitTo.me)

Skydera: www.skydera.com

We had a great time at the Founder Showcase. The event gave Skydera a chance to connect with the Investment and startup communities, leading to several follow up meetings on Sand Hill road. Good times and we look forward to the next event. (Lecole Cole, CEO & Founder of Skydera)